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Help Me!

At the beginning, building and maintaining this site was quite easy. A few Internet providers gave free web space to start a website.
Well,there was just one problem: the space was small, and the access slow.
I started to open multiple free accounts, then had to juggle with addresses, downloads and uploads... Finally, I gave up and went to a paying web site, doubling my web space for a small monthly amount.
But then with the success of this site, the bandwidth usage became too important for what I paid. It reached up to 5Gb/month, it was like all images downloaded over 100 times a month. Did you really view the big images for over 400 navels? My, you are really obsessed! ;-)

So, I could have just said "You still want to view my images? Please enter your credit card number here, pay that much, and you have access for one month".
I could also have overloaded the site with ads, the ones who pay, sex ads, for instance. But no, this is no sex site, I don't want to do money with that. Well, I don't want to lose too much either. So I propose you different options, which I hope you'll appreciate better:

> Donate <
Quite the simplest for me but a lot to ask from a standard surfer.
Anyway, you'll find on that page ways to send me money from a few cents to many millions! ;-)
PayPal or credit cards accepted.

> Order prints <
I recently printed some pictures in the format 30x45 cm (11.7x26 In) for an exhibition in Brussels, and it was really nice (from 4 MegaPpixel image). As the price of delivery would be higher than the price of the print itself, I propose you send me the website address of an e-printshop near you, you pay me a small amount for the picture, plus the price charged by that e-printshop, I send them the high res file, with your delivery address, they do the rest.

> Order CD of the site <
With the reorganization I did, the whole site is now centralized and I can put everyting in one CD. If you buy it,k, you can then browse, and access without any problem the medium res images (640x480 pix), as on the website, so no need to download them each time (well, unless you found a trick to save them on your computer).

> Publish a book <
For some years, I'd like to publish a book on navels, with a selected subset of my photographs. Contacts were taken with some editors, but no positive result so far. So if you happen to know an editor who'd accept to make such a book, or are an editor yourself, I'd be delighted to know it. If it works, I'll send you the first print, signed by me. :-)