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Fan mail

Some mails I received are copied here (newest at the bottom).

If you want your comment to be removed just let me know. And if you want yours to be added to this page, just be kind (but you all are...) ;-)

Catherine, 27 Sep 1999 : Rigolo, mais difficile.......Mais je vois que tu as du succès....
Bisous Catherine

Velastria, 7 Feb 2000 : What a wonderful enterprise! Congratulations on your collection, and may you add many more enticing additions to your site in the name of this sexy obsession.

Lorena, 3 Sep 2000 : hola, mi nombre es lorena y vivo en buenos aires argentina, lo que mas me gusta en el mundo son los ombligos, me volvi loca buscando una pagina donde haya miles de ellos , de hecho estoy haciendo una obra con recortes de fotografias de pupos u ombligos.Me exitan plenamente, si veo uno tanto de un hombre como de una mujer , entro en un estado medio extraño. quisiera saber si tienes ombligos de embarazadas. Para mi es algo muy sexual, es mi punto debil en el sexo y no me animo a mostrarlo por la calle muy buena tu pagina felicitaciones.

Benjamin, 11 Oct 2000 : hello there I definetely support your page! and i hope to see a new set of pics of bellybuttons, i love huge round and deep bellybuttons,just tell me, when you asked people to picture their navels, did some of them say no?
regards, Benjamin

Bob, 17 Oct 2000 : This site has to be the absolute best site I have come across. Beautiful close-up shots showing lots of detail. I have but only three questions, two of which I am sure you have been asked a million times, What was the common response when you asked if you could take a picture of their navels? What did you say to them to get the pictures? And last will you be updating your web site? Thanks again for a fantastic Job!!
Bob D.

RS, 24 Oct 2000 : hi!
i've been in your belly site and i loved it!!!! the pix there r so sexy....

Marco, 26 Oct 2000: Hallo Navelmaniac,
I discovered just in the last days your beautiful navel collection and I love it! This mail is to thank you for those great pics. I'm Marco, an italian guy. I'm 36 y.o. and I LOVE female navel!!! I think that it can be considered very actractive and one of the most excitant parts of the female body. So I love to see any kind of image about it, in any kind of aspect!! I'm always searching on the web for this theme, but there are just few url and they are not frequently refreshed! I would like a lot to try an experience like yours and I think that I'll buy a digital camera as soon as possible! Your result is great, and (as you tell) also the "compliance" was not so bad... Yes, I think that the next spring I'll be ready! Unfortunately I think that I'll not be able to construct a web-site, but if you want I'll send you all the pictures that I'll take to pubblish in your site!

Moviman, 28 Oct 2000 : Hi Brussels Canada here. Those are great pics. I am too chicken to ask the ladies for such snapshots. Keep up the good work. What is your success rate? Are any offended? Are you upfront or do you make up a story? You the man!

Donald, 1 Sept 2000 : dude! - outstanding pics of girls bellybuttons. keep up the good work. the female bellybutton is the sexiest area on a girl's body, especially with a nice smooth rounded belly to go with it.

Charles, 19 Nov 2000 : Hello there!
I like the pictures of the navels featured in your website. Like you I feel that navels are a very sexy part of the body, well on women anyway, and your site is a real turn-on, although it`s a pity you can`t see the girls` faces as well as their stomachs. I went to Brussels in the summer, that`s why your site caught my attention. I`m English and I live in London. Girls here are always baring their navels and I get turned on by that too much. I was wondering if I could attempt something like you have. How do you go about it? Could you give me some advice? I`m a young English guy who is reasonably good-looking, but quite shy and asking a girl to show me her tummy...... well I`ll just blush like mad!

Marco, 24 Nov 2000 : What a great site!!!You couldn't improve this site.
Do all the ladies in Brussels expose their belly buttons?...if they do I'm on my way.

Dean, 28 Dec 2000 : Marry Christmas and Happy New Year
I was allways so excited when i was able to see some girl or guy navel, and I am admiting , the navel is my centar part of body, please continue to make pics. And give your navel a good poking:)
Dean from Croatia

Chris, 31 Dec 2000 : Hi Navel Maniac, Thanks for your page on Brussels Navels. I must pay a visit to this city sometime. I love the ones that are open for all to see the best. How do people react when you ask them. Do they enjoy the attention to their navel or are they often initially reserved. Also, do you have any tips on how to go about they same project for people who wish to do the same and show the world the "beauty" found in their own cities?
Keep up the good work and good luck for 2001. We want to see many more belly and belly button owners. :-)

Outylover, 5 Feb 2001 : Hello Navelmaniac!!!
If you think you are crazy, I tell you YES!!! But I must also tell you I am crazyier than you, because I make the same thing in Italy, using a Video Camera!!! In 2 years of work, I collected hundreds of pics and many videoclips... I am outy navel fetish, so my pics are all about outies...

Jeff, 25 Mar 2001 : Navelmaniac: Just checked out your site, and, was pretty impressed! As a long-time navel and tummy lover, I'm always interested in seeing more of what I like, and this site has it. I have got to get a scanner, so I can send in shots of my older sister's navel (I took tons of hers, posed and unposed..she's into showing it off, too). Keep up the good work!

Freddy, 16 Apr 2001 : Hi: Im Freddy from San Diego California. I'm working on a digital camera page very similar to yours. Of course you gave me the idea. I think the heat at the beach relaxes people. I've gotten a lot of pictures and sometimes you get to touch the subject of the photo ;-)
Happy bellybutton hunting.

Sharon, 24 Apr 2001 : hi navelmaniac, maybe i'm crazy but i love to show my navel to everybody so I think this is the perfect site for me!! hope you like it too!. my name is sharon.

Stephan, 12 May 2001 : Hi, thanks a lot for the new pics. I was already waiting for them. I am going to try to take some pics of German navels in Munich. As soon as I have enough, I will send them to you.
Bye, Stephan

Jim, 21 May 2001: More, more, more! I don't know how you do it! I know if I tried to get photos like that, I'd be arrested. How in the world would I ask the cute 15-year old next door if I could get a pic of her belly-button? Sure wish I could, she has a VERY beautiful navel. Anyway, I'm married (no loss, I love her!), so I'm a bit restricted.
Anyway, I'm glad you're doing this fine work. Seems that most of the navel sites have folded & those that haven't have not updated.

J, 23 May 2001 : how are you ? I loooove your brussels navels website. ITs one of the best ive ever seen. I absolutely worship the courage you have to ask strange girls about their navels. Do they let you touch ? or take pics only ? Have you tried the pic thing in the states or only in europe ? Im very curious. Id like to do the same. keep on snapping shots!!

Dennis 9 June 2001: Brussels has the hottest bellybuttons , but what is with the Transp GIF. instead of the old JPG. No images can be 'saved as'. They are all blank to my computer. Unless there is another program for it. Maybe you can help ..
Thank God for Brussels women, and thank you for your support.

red 17 june 2001: cool site.....I got one..... ...enjoy

19 Jun 2001 : Hi I'm from England. I only have a flat bed scanner to get a pic of my belly button, I hope this is OK for you. Its more of a close up of my button than my tummy. This is a great website many thanks.
(added in the "Other page")

29 Jun 2001: Hi! You have excellent belly button pictures on your site. I admire the courage you have to ask people if you can photograph their navels. I have some pictures of my belly button for your "Other Navels" page. I hope you can use them. Thanks
Len in Canada
(Sorry, Len, I didn't add them. Too much 'anatomic')

7 Jul 2001 : Great, Great, Great.. wish you had a couple of hundred more.
From 'There' (but where is it ;-)? )

11 Jul 2001: Hello there... fantastic site! This is Agent X of The -- kudos, i am going to link you from my links section... (even though that top header, Pupok · Navle · Navel · Ombellico · Navels · Belly Button · Nombril · Nabel, etc etc looks familiar LOL)...
Agent X from

16 Jul 2001 : Hi NavelManiac!
Your Brussels Pics are THE BEST I've seen ANYWHERE on the Web...Good Job! Keep up the good work and keep those pics coming! Can't wait to see more pics....I'm a bellybutton lover from way back...Thanks for the best "viewing" site!

16 Jul 2001 : Hey,how about a site, "nipples on the net" ?? :)David
(I'm thinking of it. Not easy...)

19 Jul 2001 : for your page, My belly button. give out my address for any girls to e mail me.
(Bad luck, Geoff, not one so far...)

25 Jul 2001 : Your page is the best. It is just the page for Navel lovers like me.

22 Jul 2001 :Hello, navel maniac.
I must accept that you have the best navel pictures of
the entire world wide web.
I´m a navel maniac too, and I already add your page to
my favorites.

10 Aug 2001 : Hola me llamo Luciano, y me encantan tus fotos, grasias por brindarnos esta pagina, por fabor nunca dejes de sacar estas fotos. La pagina esta excelente.
Un gran saludo desde Buenos Aires.
Espero que nunca desaparesca esta pagina. Grasias.

8 Sep 2001 : Hey, great collection! Im most pleased with the size! NO SITE showing girls navels has ever had EVERY BELLY PIC THIS CLOSE UP!! These would make kick-ass desktop wallpaper..... would you PLEASE send a collection or 2 my way? These would be GREAT to look at offline and so big too. I respect the "copyright" deal, but I would just love to have these as wallpaper! :) Thanks!! Oh, btw, like mentioned by another fellow, I too am Italian. And French, but Italy and Spain would have to be the numero uno spots for feminina belly buttons! =)
Jason, California

15 Sep 2001 : WOW...great site for a longtime navel lover like me. I'd like to save the full size images to my hard drive, because I'm not always able to get on the Net to view your site, but IE 6 saves them as transp.gif files that appear to be empty. Is your site set up this way intentionally, to prevent people from saving (and possibly redistributing) your pictures ? Thanks again for the great photos!
(Well, actually yes, Steve...)

24 Sep 2001 : Great site! I wanted to email you and find out how you wrote the code to display your images on a popup window without the menu and navigation buttons. You also wrote your code in such a way that it makes it difficult to copy the images. I am creating a website with my computer graphics artwork and don't want visitors copying certain images, and found your method VERY creative. Could you please share with me your method or point me in the right direction?
Thank you in advance,
(As you could see, Arnel, it was simple, and not very protective.)

08 Nov 2001 : hey navelmaniac I currently visited your site and i loved it.
Update it plzzzz.
Tip:As I noticed from some girls their panties appear.that's sexy too.
ask them for it,they won't reject.keep updating
(OK, ask them, I'll take the pics...)

22 Oct 2001 : Keep up the great work.
Here in the U.S.A., many, many women, esp. the 12 - 35 crowd bare their
midsections in public. Pierced navels have become almost as common as
Schools tend not to allow bare midriffs in class until high-school ages.
There was a wave of bare midriffs here back around 1980 or so. I wonder
whether this trend will last a whole decade. Twenty years ago, no one was
piercing that area at all. So, maybe you can look forward to many
bellybuttons this summer.
Nice site - Jim

19 Nov 2001 : yea I'm a bellybutton lover myself I would like to see more kissing and
tickling bellybuttons more than anything so when you have some let me know ok
(Uh? If you do that in the street with a complete stranger, I want to take a pic of it! :-)...)

20 Jan 2002 : Hey, navelmaniac great site you have going! all awesome picks of thoses pretty belly buttons. Keep up the great work & keep us navel fans coming with thoses great pictures. sincelry,Dave aka #1shyguy

5 Mar 2002 : unbelievable - best navels ever - i almost fainted just looking at some of them one picture; however, i couldn't click on to make it bigger - it wouldn't appear - it was in the categorie "other navels" and is the lybian friend - great bellybutton - couldn't open the thumbnail though
keep up the greeeeeaaat site
(Mmmmh, I think I lost that one)

9 Mar 2002 : yo
great site,
when are you updating the site with new ones??
(Yo. Just did it. Ciao..)

11 Mar 2002 : HI! my name is Olivia and I just looked at your site. I think it is awesome! i love bellybuttons too! i have this huge fetish for them! Its such a cool site!

30 Mar 2002 : Hye there, love the site. Love the pics. Will you be updating it soon? =)
(Well, ...)

14 Jan 2003 : I think this is insane man.
(Welcome, man! )

15 Jan 2003 : Hey I loved your site! You're a genius!!! I'd like to suggest you to add the catalan word for "navel" to your page: MELIC

15 Jan 2003 : nice to know im not the only naval crazed person in the world...just something about a great belly button...Keep up the good work! Cheers!

22 Jan 2003 : Belly button in Hungarian is "köldök". You can add it to the header.

11 Feb 2003 : Hi my name is Veronica. I'm a long time fan of you're site. Keepup the good work.

28 Mar 2003 Hello. I just found your navel website. I love it!! One of the best bellybutton websites I've found.

31 Mar 2003 : You have awesome pics....I am a fanatic like you, nothing is more exciting than girls bellies to me...nothing.... is there any way that you hook people up with each other?? let me know later
(Nope. Not even for me, I don't have names nor addresses )

26 Apr 2003 : Great site. How come you don't have more pics with full bodies, rather than close-ups? You should try to get some more pics of full bodies rather than close-ups. Again-great site!!!
(If I have faces with it, it's not anonymous anymore... I prefer to stay on the safe side. )

26 Apr 2003 : just now i read an article in a magazine about this site. i immediately loged on and found splindid site. i had an astonoshing tour of pretty navels .. and rings too.. thank u.

29 Apr 2003 : navel your site is just as great as your company hope to see you soon. i am just wondering if we are not all navelmaniacs in one way or the other, some look at their own, and you look at them all and moreover picture them.

1 May 2003 : I saw your page. It is bery beatiful page full of very beaty navels. But when I wanted to save some pictures it was not possible. When I clicked (right button of mouse) to the picture and select "SAVE AS..." I saved it to: "MY DOCUMENTS ". But when I wanted to open those pictures later it was not possible. Why??? And it was saved as GIF format. Do you know what I must to do when I would like to save those pictures like JPEG format ???
(Well, the way this site is designed, it's not easy to save HiRes images - you get a tiny transparent gif instead. Remember, my images are copyrighted. However, people ask me sometimes for specific HiRes, and I give them (personnal use only) )

20 May 2003 : Hi ! As I'm not sure wether you speak Dutch or French, I'm writing in English, hihi... Having visited your webpage after reading this week's edition of Clickx Magazine, I decided to send my own contribution. Hope you find it useful for your webpage.
Beste greetings from Mechelen, Else

25 May 2003 : Hi Navel Maniac, I have been to your site many times, you have the best job in the world. Taking pictures of sexy navels and putting them on the web. I was thinking about starting my own navel site (with a link to yours). I was wondering if you could give me some information on how to get started.
(Huh? First you need a camera. Then take the pictures. Then you create web pages with your pics in it. Finally, find a provider and web space, download the files and that's it. Easy, no? ;-) )

27 May 2003 : male belly buttons accepted ?
(Yeah. Even yours. Although... ;-) )

14 Jan 2003 : Make this person a sir, he can get people to show things, most would not at all. I could not do it, i would be in deep trouble and be called a pervert. but you do it and you should have a award for getting people to pose for you. well done what a brilliant person you are, great web site, best in world. Give this person a knighthood, for this wonderful posing website.
(Wow! )

3 Jun 2003 : Hola ¡gracias por tu maravillosa pagina dedicada a la mas hermosa creacion de Dios:el ombligo!!!.Mi nombre es Vladimir y vivo en Santiago de Chile.Siempre he vivido enamorado del vientre y el ombligo de las mujeres,especialmente cuando son profundos y cuya hondura es un misterio a simple vista.Algunos ombligos son mas redondos,otros mas horizontales y otros verticales o semiovales,pero siempre que sean profundos me exitan mucho y me alegran la vida plenamente.En la relacion intima puedo estar horas besando,acariciando y estimulando el ombligo y vientre femenino,lo que en la mayoria de los casos,me lleva a causar gran placer a mi compañera(s).¡Ah!cuando el vientre se haya saturado de alimentos y esta haciendo la digestion,tanto vientre como profundidades del ombligo,se vuelven mas sensibles...y a mi¡me exita mucho mas!!!Gracias...

27 Jul 2003 : hey your site is great.. awesome pictures of girls bellybuttons by all very attractive girls!!! Innovative idea too. Hey is there any way to contact any people who wrote fan mail?? Or any girls about their bellybutton pictures??? W/B please to let me know. Thanks a Lot! -great site too!
(No way to contact anybody but me. Sorry. )

28 Aug 2003 : Howdy!
I live in Quebec City in Canada. There is no shortage of girls here in the summer that could potentially be featured in your pages. The problem is getting them to accept being photographed. Could you tell me how you get such a high acceptance rate? I suppose I could go around with my wife, so the ladies would feel secure, but then my wife would get bored. Thanks

04 Oct 2003 : in portuguese... "umbigo"
Rodolpho, Brazil
Thanks! If you know others...

07 Oct 2003 : Hola soy un fanatico de su pagina me encanta los ombligo porque ademas los estudio ya que estudio medicina, por favor escribanme y diganme como puedo mandar una foto de mi ombligo. chau..
Miguel Angel

16 Oct 2003 : Great site. I was wondering if it was possible to get the uncropped picture of the woman at the bottom right corner of the 2000 page (minus the face of course) Thanks
Sorry, I don't crop my pictures. All I have, you have! (except for the resolution)

20 Oct 2003 : hey how can i save some of you're pic's to my computer when i right click it will not let me do that i can't save to disk or to c' drive can you tell me how or why i can't save the pic's i want
Well I designed it so it's not easy to do that. Instead, you can buy my CD with all the images on it ;-)

16 Nov 2003 : Hola mi nombre es Eduardo. Escribo de Buenos Aires Argentina y me encanta tu página y tus fotos de ombligos. Creo que el ombligo es la parte mas sexi del cuerpo. Tengo esta obseción desde que tengo uso de razón. Cuanto estoy con una chica puedo pasar horas tocando, besando y jugando con su ombligo. Los felicito por su página y sería bueno que los que compartimos esta obseción nos conectáramos un poco de alguna manera.

16 Nov 2003 : My name is Veronica and I am 25 years old and I have an outie. I think your site is awesome. I just started to have a navel fetish as my husband kept telling me to show it. I was shy at first but now I expose it at family gatherings and even my family tells me how cute and sexy my bellybutton is. I really want to go a little further with my newfound fetish, any suggestions? Nope! Well check out the links page, maybe you'll find ideas...

07 Dec 2003 : Hello. My name is Nate! I am a huge fan of your site. I was just wondering what you ask the beautiful ladies in order for them to let you take a picture of there navel. Could you please tell me the secret! Thanks so much! I ask straight ahead if I can take a pic for my collection. I show them a small card, with a few samples and the web site address, so it looks more serious.

08 Dec 2003 : Please keep up the good work, there are still a lot of people admiring your webpage! I enjoy all of those great innie navel, flat and tight stomach pictures of chicks from Belgium!! As well I'm sure you have many more other viewer that may or may not of have spoken out.
Damon, Canada

18 Dec 2003 : you're awesome dude. nice to see you're a navel guy too. i don't really remember how i ran upon your site. i didn't know what to expect when opening it but then I did and there was alot of bellybuttons everywhere. that's funny dude. it definitely takes guts to ask someone to see their navel. have you ran across any other sites with this many bellybuttons on it?
where is Brussels located? i'm located here in Texas.
Well... Capital of Belgium, Europe. Ever heard about Europe? ;-)

27 Jul 2003 : aha! oh yeah....Europe. Sounds like a plan dude.
i really haven't seen any other site like yours (that's for sure)...just thought you might have more insight on that than me.
that's great man. good job, good job.

25 Dec 2003 : Beautifull pictures and a magnificent effort on promoting the sensuality of an underrated part of the human anatomy [underrated ,that is from an aesthetic and erotic point of view ]. The girl in picture 16 is absolutely fantastic, I wish I could see the rest of her. Keep up the good work. Marry Christmas and a HappyNew Year.

28 Dec 2004 : do you ever ask to poke anyone's bellybutton before or after you've taken a picture of it?
I just take the pic and then go. Believe it or not, I'm shy

10 Jan 2004 : Hello webmaster, your site is fantastic, i love it so much. many many thanks for your hard work, you are really great! is there any chance for an update soon? really hope you still have some pics from 2003s summer?

greetings ingo

21 Jan 2004 : First of all, YOU ARE THE MAN! Your site is the best on the internet. Unfortunately I live in the U.S. where most of us eat too much and, thus, half the girls I see are pudgy, dumpy, etc. I might go to Europe in the summer and if I do I've got to stop by Brussels. It takes balls to just approach girls on the street and ask for a picture - what's the secret? I read about your success rate and that's great. PLEASE update soon! I check about once a week!
YOU ARE THE MAN! Keep up the good work!
Lots of Jasons in the States ;-)

23 Feb 2004 : Hello
When are you going to update your site. I can't wait!
It's very irregular and depends on the weather and my agenda...

14 Feb 2004 : dear maniac,
you are my idol! i love looking at the bellybuttons on your website. i'm embarrassed to admit that i frequently masterbate to those pics too, that's how crazy my innie fetish is. i'm sure you share that same fetish. so what inspired you to do this? did any of the women allow you to do anything more with their bellybuttons other than just a picture?
innie freak
No, I don't share your fetish. And I just take pictures!

15 Mar 2004 : Hi there.
I just wanted to let you know that your site is listed in the Unlimited Spring 2004 Magazine on their "The Web Page Internet Hot Spots for your Site-seeing pleasure.
Thanks. Please tell me when you read/hear of me in the media

18 Mar 2004 : hello navel maniac, Veiwing your page was awesome and I never thought that someone would have established such a cunning page, great job! So with that I sent u a pic of my very own navel in lights that it might make it pn your web page. Thanks
Thanks, but the pic was too small. I need at least 640x480 pix

1 Apr 2004 : Just an FYi that your site appears in the Spring 2004 issue of "Unlimited" magazine, which is sent out via mail to Malboro (cigarettes) customers.

14 May 2004 : Dear Naval Maniac,
Do you wonder why the number of visitors has increased the last couple of weeks? This is because a Dutch news site has published an article about your hobby!
Copy of the article:
Je gaat weleens op vakantie, naar bijvoorbeeld Helsinki of Stockholm. Je komt met veel, heel veel foto's terug. Op zich niets vreemds. De man achter deze site maakt echter geen vakantiekiekjes van gebouwen, evenementen en andere culturele bezienswaardigheden. Navels, navels en nog eens navels fotografeert hij. Idioot en origineel tegelijk. Het zou absoluut niet bij me opkomen om mensen met de vraag te overvallen 'mag ik je navel op de foto zetten?'.

22 May 2004 : hello,i was just wonderin if you ever thought about putting any short video clips on your site,that would just add to your site to make it more popular,you should consider trying it.thats if you want to.thanks for lettin my put out the idea,bye.
Sorry, i'll keep it as it. It will remain a light hobby for me.

29 May 2004 : This site is wonderful! I love your collection! i love the ones with the pierced belly buttons! For some, I really like those because i want my navel pierced too!

19 Jul 2004 : Quel succès ton site navelmaniac! Je te fais juste un petit coucou pour te dire que ton site est cité dans le magazine Elle (version Belgique) du mois de juillet. Si tu veux savoir à quelle page, je peux y jeter un coup d'oeil et je t'enverrai

24 Jul 2004 : wow when it comes to photo lovely navels, i vote 2001/3 navel 26. i know a lot of ladies who have this same shape, beautiful.
I should modify the site, and include the possibility to vote for a favourite BB, shouldn't I?

29 Jul 2004 : Do you only accept pictures of flat stomaches?
I accept anything, but I won't post it if too small (resolution), or too close-up, or nude...

07 Sep 2004 : I am a 23 year old Female from Nebraska. I wanted to send u my pic.

Courtney Thanks! See how you do it? Do the same! ;-)

03 Dec 2004 : Hi navelmaniac,i'm Mike a 40 years'old navelmaniac from Italy.Your site is very GREAT and i found it casually searching some sites about belly-dancing (my first passion).As i could see in your fan mail i'm not the only one to get problems about viewing better your photos so i ask you how can i do about it, remembering all the limitation about copyright.Please answer me and still congratulation for your site.

12 Jan 2005 : glad to have found someone who feels the same way about female navels as i do!! just cant get do you manage to do it? do you just ask them to lift up there tops? keep the pics coming!!! thanks.

28 Jan 2005 : hi is this site still an active site??
So far ... :-)

13 Feb 2005 : I really enjoy your web site I love bellybuttons especialy my girlfriends, cat wait to see new pictures in the summer
So... Send your girlfriends bellie's pictures!

25 Mar 2005 : Hi
Your navel-photographing activities bring joy to thousands (me especially). Have you given up, or is there more to come.
Best wishes


29 Mar 2005 : i love female navels, there so sexy, i like how everyone looks different. i like your site it has up close pictures of sexy bellybuttons and i think that is really cool cant wait to see new navels in the future, thank you navel maniac!

01 Apr 2005 : Dear Sir, I know this is a bit out of the ordinary, but I'm doing AS photography and want to use the human form, particularly the belly button as a basis for my final exam. There are a few questions i would like you to answer, should you have the time. 1. What inspired you to take pictures of the belly button?, why not any other area of the human form?
2. Do you use any specialist equipment? For example, what aperture and shutter speed do you use (if any) to capture your images?
3. Could you please give me some background information about yourself? For example, did you have any training in photography? what inspired you to start photography?

I understand that you're probably very busy and i appreciate any information you can give me.
Yours Faithfully,
Miss S
Well, sorry to disappoint you, I have no specialist equipment, nor special settings for my pics. As for 1: sexy, and likely to be shown on the streets. And for 3: no training but I always liked to do photography. And more unconventional the better!

01 May 2005 : can you please get emma bunton to show of her bellybutton as see as got a sexy bellybuton just love to see a lot of her bellybutton thanks
I just took yesterday a pic of the belly of the Queen of England. I'll ask her if she know how I cant get to that Emma Bunton... :-p

07 Jun 2005 : hi there!! I saw your site on TV, enter it, and I like it. The question is, how can I download any of the photographs? keep up the good work! greetings

23 Jun 2005 : i have looked at ur navel page and it is brilliant, i loved it. i love to play with my navel and stretch it, and i love people to rub my belly for me its the nicest feeling ever to get your belly rubbed but the only thing is it rumbles and growls loud when its getting rubed and noone knows why lol
Mmmh Well you could see a doctor. Any one!

24 Jun 2005 : What's up Navel Maniac,
When are you going to update? I have a suggestion I would love to see some Irish, German and Dutch girls navels.
Yeah!! Send those girls to me...

29 Jul 2005 : Hello mister Navelmaniac,
I’m not sure how to address you, in Flemish or in French. Anyway, I am Belgian myself too (East-Flanders). I have been a bellybutton lover for all of my (sexually conscious) life – and I’m 39 now. You got this really great site, I love it. And I’ve been visiting it for some time now. Sometimes I wonder how you do it, taking pics of girls in the streets of Brussels, just like that. I’m a bit jealous that you dare to do that, because I would only dare to do it without someone noticing it. And even still… I don’t do that. Anyway, please drop me a line. I’d love to talk with a fellow Belgian navel lover. Who knows me might be able to exchange some pics, videos and ideas.
Best regards,
Well, I'm not very good in Dutch, which leaves only English and French (my mother tongue)

07 Aug 2005 : Hello,
i'm happy to see the update on your site :-) Perhaps you remember, some time ago, maybe 1 or 2 years, i have asked if you would like to sell a CD with all the pics on the site. We haven't made a deal because you were not sure and wanted to wait. Now i have seen that it is possible to purchase CD's. I'm still interested, but the only thing i would like to see are the pics in the original size or a bigger size than on the site, 1600x1200 for example. Please let me know if that would be ok for you.
Best regards,
Well, for the moment, I prefer to keep the Hires for myself. If there is much demand, maybe...

08 Aug 2005 : I thought that I was the only person in the world who liked to look at navels. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. Sometimes a person's abdomen tells a lot about him. As a woman, I was especially fascinated by the men's stomachs. My favorites are the ones that are round and soft. I also liked the one of the very pregnant lady whose navel had disappeared! I notice that no overweight women are represented; at least not in the ones that I saw. Are Belgian women shy about showing big stomachs just like here in the United States? Somehow it's okay when a man shows his bulging stomach but not when a woman shows hers.
No name, please. Connecting with other stomach fanatics is new for me.
As you see here, your name would have been safe...
I guess big bellies are shy, indeed. Actually I would say it the other way round: young and flat bellies are proud enough to expose themselves!

16 Aug 2005 : Cher Monsieur,
Je suis intéressé à acheter une copie aux dimensions que vous proposez, de la photo 2000/84 qui figure d’ailleurs sur la petite carte que j’ai prise dans les locaux du Journal Le Soir lors d’une exposition d’artistes belges. Avant de chercher un magasin qui correspond à votre demande explicitée sur le Web, je voudrais connaître le montant de votre rémunération.
Bien à vous
It was my first exhibition of navels in real life (photos and sculptures). Nice to have such a reaction 3 month after it was closed...

18 Oc 2005 : Hi !
Congratulations for your website :-) It's great and very surprising that you can take pictures of people you don't know ! ;-) I've been one of your 'victims', and would like to have the picture you've taken on my computer (i'm very proud of that picture ! :-)) . Is it possible for you to send it to me ? Perhaps a description is necessary... ;-) I got a tatoo and a silver butterfly... i think I'm the only one on your 2004's Brussels navel... I would be very glad to receive it... thanks in advance.
Best wishes for your new pictures,
Waw! You were the first one to recognise herself and write me after. The only one, yet...

11 Dec 2005 : You don't understand how much I love tummies and belly-buttons and your site is like a dream come true for me. The stomach and navel are not "just another part to admire". They are THE part to admire on the female body. I could write a whole book on why I love them so. Here's an idea though. Ever thought of making a giant voting poll for each year. That would be very interesting and I would try my best to get a lot of people to vote as well
Yep! I really should add a poll section...

05 Feb 2006 : I just sent you a picture of my navel to add to your collection, when I realized I forgot to include all my information. My name is Kelsey, and I'm from Ontario, Canada.
Welcome, Kesley!

12 Apr 2006 : Hello,
In case you are still wondering what happened on 26th February… your site has been mentioned in the weekly Flemish magazine ‘Humo’, which has quite a lot of readers. See also:
There’s the reason why the number of people visiting your (great) site has boomed.


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