The camera

    A digital camera Camedia Olympus C-420L was used for all these pictures until 2001. This compact camera gives an image of 640x480 pixels, and since having that one, I photograph a lot, "lomo" style. For these, the flash can be set off. Better not to attract to much attention... The LCD display is also an advantage; when you show the result directly, people are more compelled te be photographed.


The camera I had after was more compact and has much more options and a much higher resolution: I was using a Pentax Optio 330 with a CCD of 3.34 Megapixel.
Lots of fun with this camera too.


The one I'm using since 2004 is a Camedia C750-UZ, that I bought mainly for its 10x optical zoom! Of course I don't use the zoom for the navels. I am almost all the time at a wide angle to take these pics! And the 4 Megapixel image allow up to 30x45 cm prints

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